Saturday, October 9, 2010

Opportunity - sometimes it is being in the right place at the right time!

One of my favorite restaurants near my house is Julio's Latin Cafe in Lake Zurich.   Because we are trying not to eat out so much we don't eat there as often as I'd like, but 2 weeks ago it just felt like the right place to go and away we went.  After a very wonderful dinner we strolled toward the car and I noticed a small sign in the window of the next storefront.
I emailed the owner the next day and found they were a week away from the initial opening and that she was hoping to find a glass artist.  How perfect!  I went to check out the store the next weekend and found it to be a great fit for my work, but the next Tuesday my pieces were in place. I have 6 shelves in a sunny area near the front of the store.  It's perfect!
Last night was the gala opening and meet the artist event.  I went directly there after a long day at work and found that the artist community was just the energy I was looking for.  2 hours flew by!  

If you are in the Lake Zurich area be sure to stop in and check out this new shop!  They only sell items created by local artists - it's a wonderful place! for more information.

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