Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Success, or Opportunity realized!

In July I had what appeared to be a disaster (read about it here) - that resulted in a lot of broken fused glass.

I've spent the last two months trying to figure out a way to salvage the glass without creating things just to consume the lost glass.  Many wonderful people have given me suggestions but as is typical for me I had to just meander until I found my way.

In my attempts to reuse the glass I become progressively more convinced that it should not be identifiable as a scrap once I had a finished product.  For my quilt pieces that is a goal,
 but these needed an entirely new life.   After many directions and several more blog posts I have found the formula, and it's good enough that I am quite proud of the result.  And best of all, even I have trouble identifying which of the broken pieced contributed to the new one.

Here is my favorite to date.  It's a dish that stands about 4" high and 6" in diameter.  I had one other that stuck to the mold so it had to be shattered to remove it.  This no longer feels like a bad thing, it will just go back into the pile of glass that gets used for my new line of Tie Dye dishes!
Right now I am busy trying to get enough pieces ready to justify my fees for One of A Kind in Chicago. I hope to have enough of these to make them a focal point of my display!  Stay tuned and see if I do it...

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