Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lemonade is getting better!

 So I am still trying to combine my broken pieces with the fuser saying "Never refuse to re-fuse".  My first few attempts were not good but I learned as I went and I have a few pieces in their final firing that incorporate my newly found scrap.
Turns out that layering it with clear scrap gives it some nice depth.  
The two on the bottom left are also scraps layered with clear scraps.  These will be draped into bowls.  The piece on the top right is embellished with glass lace made from the frit that was produced when shattering the scrap.

The top left in this picture incorporates the blue scrap from the top of this post. The piece on the right is the glass lace piece.  The bottom left (pink/yellow) was made with the same clear/scrap technique as the blue one.  All the pieces in this shot are about to slumped.  I'll update this post when the final results are available.

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