Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting to Plan

I like to plan.  If you read my previous posts you will realize how much time I spend planning, it is somehow comforting to me.  My brain loves to be occupied with planning.  My brain is happily obsessed with making plans.  I even plan to plan!

I hate to wait.  The worst kind of waiting is when I am waiting for information from which I will make plans.  This is a hard time of year for me.   Right now  I am waiting before I can go further in my planning.  sigh.  About half of my applications have been sent, most of the rest will be sent next week.  Some of the responses will start coming in the beginning of March.

With the exception of the shows that I have been invited to or grandfathered into I have no idea where I will be this year.  Because I am adding some travel (see my post about this) I feel like there is even more planning to do.  Where will I stay?  Am I taking my 9 year old SUV or renting a vehicle?  Will anyone come with me?  And of course, What Items will I bring to sell?

I have my ideal schedule on paper, with a list of backup plans.  I have my photos, I have my money tied up, I have a few custom orders to fill and more than enough stock left from OOAK to be able to relax going into the season.

Now, what else can I find to plan?

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