Thursday, May 31, 2012


In the past Wendy has told me that I put out too much, disjointed merchandise.  Then I spent the winter reading about the juries for higher end shows.  Then I panicked.  Wendy is right, a booth that resembles a flea market with a glass theme is not the way to go.  So I've spent the last few months focused on 4 themes:

1) Paint with frit - general
2) Paint with frit - garden
3) Quilts
4) pattern bars

Within these themes I have everything from wine racks to glass blocks and enough to fill my booth at a non-flea market density.  The booth will look cohesive and upscale (yea, new wood shelves).  But will I sell less because I don't have EVERYTHING out?  Sales guides say I'm doing the right thing.  Juries say I'm doing the right thing.  Wendy says I'm doing the right thing.  Intellectually I believe I'm doing the right thing.  But what about the customers?  Will they buy?

If the weather is good and sales are bad do I go back to the flea-market?  I guess I'll have to sort it out on Sunday.

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