Monday, May 28, 2012

Showtime - even closer!

5 days to go... and here is an update.  It's Monday morning and I'm sort of on plan.  The blocks came out as scheduled, but I'm still having slight technical difficulties with the edges so I need to use my sander to fix them up.  I just added an hour of cold work and I'm not sure I have enough sanding belts to get through it.... and I need to sand them before I slump.

So, I got the window panels with some garden votives into the kiln last night, Saturday night I chose to have a social life over glass.  After wine I usually stay out of my workshop for safety reasons.  So I skip the mosaic round that I had planned on and tonight I begin THE SLUMP!!!

I've counted my bags and tissue and ordered more.  Need to work out stickers to go on the bags, laminate my QR sign, take pictures and price all of my stock and figure out how loading the car with my new shelves is going to work.  Fixing the curtains will have to wait one more show.

I've checked my booth for 57th - same spot as last year, yea!  I've checked the weather, looks good.  I've posted on Facebook to keep people guessing.

"If you want to see what these look like after they are fired, come visit us at our first 2012 show next weekend! 57th Street Art Fair in Hyde Park!"

Who knows, maybe I'll be ready for this one with enough time to get some sleep on Friday.

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