Friday, March 22, 2013

What next?

The best thing about not selling what I had hoped to at One of A Kind is that I may actually have enough stock to get me through most of the outdoor shows.  A very freeing concept, I get to try new things!

So the big question is what do I want to try?  Working with the deep glass blocks was so satisfying...
I think it's time to work on more depth and dimension!

I'm thinking about trying my hand at some level of casting, or a variation of pate de verre.  I'd like to play with inclusions, and maybe something more like a mini chandelier or mobile.  So many options, it's playtime again! 

I wrote the above paragraphs before I went to bed.  I had dreams about Pate de Verre... I'm visiting the glass store this weekend... My family goes out of town without me tonight... I feel cosmic forces at work 

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