Monday, April 8, 2013

Still Waiting... Part 2

On March 17th I showed you my status summary for show applications... here is the April 8th update:

By the Numbers:

  • 13 applications sent
  • 3 more applications to send, although 1 may not be sent if others come back as acceptances
  • 4 rejections :(  and they came all in a row!
  • 1 wait lists 
  • 6 Acceptances  (one came off the waitlist!)
  • 2 in progress - next notification dates is 4/15/13

4 rejections from shows that I have never done before.  I've applied to 2 of them in the past and was rejected then too.  Next year I may try to apply with a different style of piece and see how that goes.

I am also deciding whether I will attend 2 of the shows that I have been accepted to.  They are difficult weekends for family reasons and if I don't think they will be amazing it probably isn't worth the trouble.

To see the shows that I will definitely be at check out my site


It's still a crapshoot

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