Sunday, October 27, 2013

Taking on even more!

Well folks, I have done it!  I have taken on even more work during the prep for OOAK!  My work is in a gallery!!!!  Yipee!!!  And it is an amazing gallery.  Check it out at

How did this happen?  A Chicago girl's first gallery in Tubac, AZ?  Funny you should ask.  My daughter goes to school in Tucson and when I flew out with her in August I had a few hours to kill.  So I did what any artist would do, I found the biggest collection of artists within an hour drive and went there.  The first (and best) gallery I saw was Art Gallery H.  I talked with Karl (1/2 of the gallery team) for about an hour and just fell in love with this place and the work that they feature.  When he mentioned that they would like to have more glass it became obvious - I should apply to be one of their artists!   I got home and had to deal with a few more shows, and then I had to update my website to be current, and then I had to figure out what next.  Another trip to Tucson on the horizon (Parent Weekend) and I emailed them with some pictures.  They told me to bring a few samples and we made an appointment.  Carrying 8 pieces of art glass in a carry-on was a new experience.  There was so much bubble wrap that I heard a piece pop when I bumped into my own suitcase.  My younger daughter and I drove down to Tubac on Saturday morning to meet with Karl and Audrey.  My hope was that they would look at the pieces, tell me that they like my work and give me an idea of what I should ship to them to get started.  It took less than five minutes for them to decide to keep all 8 pieces for the shop!  I left with an empty suitcase and a huge smile.  I'm so glad I had my daughter as a witness because I just couldn't believe it.  By Monday they had me on their website, and I had an idea of what other pieces they would like to have on hand to fill in when things sell!

So, now with all of my prep for OOAK I want to make about 10 extra pieces to ship to them to round out their collection.  Time to take a deep breath and keep fusing!


  1. Congrats! So excited to see how far you've come from those stickpins with glass beads! (which were fab by the way)


  2. Thanks Donna, I can't believe you remember those. I still have a few in my basement, maybe it's time to get them out again!