Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prototype in Progress! And Collaboration is a good thing.

So it took another two weeks after my last post to really get working on my prototype.  The end result should be a block of glass thick enough to stand on edge with a multi-depth garden scene inside.  Of course cooling a piece that thick takes 40 hours!!! After the 7 hours to fuse it!!!  So I put the piece in the kiln last night and can't take it out until tomorrow.  Patience is not one of my best virtues but I have finally learned my lesson, if I crack the kiln open I may crack the piece.

I'll post a picture here tomorrow night.

In the meantime I have applications out for my summer shows... again, I need patience.   We have been accepted into 2 shows and we are waiting to hear from 2 more, with 5 more left to apply for.  Yes folks, I'm an application procrastinator.  My calender reminds me to apply a few days before the app is due.  At least I have my trusty calendar!

Ok, enough random thoughts for the night.

Update:  I'm adding the picture and apparently I was tired when I posted this  First, I don't remember posting, and seconds the title mentions collaboration but I never talked about it!  

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