Sunday, April 8, 2012

The second prototype

One piece a month is not going to work out here!  I really need to get moving on these prototypes, but yes, the 2nd piece is finally in the kiln.  The first one took 20 hours for the first firing and 57 hours for the seconds.  It had 4 layers of color.  The second prototype has 7 layers of color and should take 62 hours in the kiln for a single firing.  The question is how much worse will the bubbles be.

These pieces are heavy!  They are 1 1/2 inches thick and use a lot of glass.  That 5x5x1.5" piece used roughly $30 of glass, took 2 hours to set up and weighs 3 pounds.

This next piece should be 5x8x1.5", will use roughly $50 worth of glass, took 3+ hours to set up and should weigh more than 5 pounds.  Selling price should be at least $200.  Hopefully it comes out as something I can price there!

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