Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Showtime, well almost

9 days until my first show of the year!!!  Yeah, or oh crap!  Wanna see something scary?  This is how my brain works as we get close to a show:

It's Wednesday night and I just started a 60 hour cycle in my biggest kiln.  When it is done (some time Saturday) I should have one finished block with purple flowers, one half depth sunset that needs to be slumped and a mess of blue glass cast from scrap.  The slump of the sunset will be another 60 hours!  Let's say I put that in the kiln to slump (along with a few other pieces that are waiting) on Saturday, it comes out on Tuesday - hmmm I lose the holiday weekend for smaller firings.

New plan, I'll wait until Monday night to start the slump, I would like to do 1 or 2 more window panels ... and those are single 20 hour firings, so Saturday is for 2 window panels and maybe a smaller paint with frit.  Sunday is for pattern mosaics, maybe break up more of the quilt scraps and Monday we SLUMP EVERYTHING - comes out of the kiln on Thursday and at the point I guess I am ready for my show...

wait, I'm not ready - we need more cards, and bags and tissue and I haven't unpacked and checked the last two shelves... where are all my canopy pieces - did I ever clean the rug - where is my checklist aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... ok, I found my list, everything will be ok now... wait, I didn't re-sew my walls!

Scared yet?  I will do that for the next 9 days - spinning in circles, making lists, blowing off what's on my list (I'm an adrenaline junkie - it's no fun if it is not an emergency) and then I will just make the show work.  Has anyone checked the weather?

See you at 57th Street!

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